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What Logo Formats do I get?

Your logo will supplied in the most common formats, which means that you can print it out yourself, give it to your print house or use it on your website.
This is a file designed to give the best print quality. It is created using vector graphics, which means that it can be increased or reduced in size as much as you like without any loss of quality. You should use the EPS file when dealing with print houses and when your logo needs to be reproduced on anything from business cards to brochures.
An extremely useful all-round file type. It allows you to insert your logo into most programs, such as Word and PowerPoint. The JPG file will also work well on your website.
A transparant file which has been specifically produced for use on your website, as it uploads quickly.
The newest format for the web, similar to the gif file but gives you better quality. Also support transparency.
We will also give you simple instructions so that you know how and when to use the various logo files.


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