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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the logos in the gallery really unique?
Yes, all the logos in our gallery have been individually designed, and there is only one of each. Once you have purchased the logo of your choice, it will be removed from our website and LogoKing relinquishes its copyright and other proprietary rights.
Why buy a ready-made logo?
By turning the process around and letting our designers produce logos before you ask us to, we can keep our prices considerably lower while still ensuring that the quality remains high.
What’s more, the process is much quicker, as most of the design work has already been done. As a result, you get your logo where you want it, much faster.
Another advantage is that you see what you get before you order it. And you get the satisfaction of knowing that the logo you end up with is just as unique and well designed as what you would have received if you’d gone to an advertising agency.
Are there any disadvantages with choosing a
ready-made logo?

There are no disadvantages – just differences! The biggest difference is that we leave the all-important decision of choosing which logo suits you and your company best up to you – not up to an advertising agency. After all, we’re absolutely convinced that you’re the person who knows best when it comes to which graphical elements are most suitable for your company and its philosophy. But at the end of the day, it’s all down to personal opinion and taste. When you find the right logo, buy it. It really is that simple!
Who designs the logos?
We are associated with trained graphic designers who have lots of experience in design, graphical form, advertising and marketing. They are all very skilled in designing unique symbols which portray a concept, which is a key consideration when designing a logo.
How do I choose the right logo for my company?
Look up the category which suits your business most closely, or search under “All logos”. The idea is that you should use this as inspiration and then use your own knowledge of your company to find the right logo.
I saw a logo which I liked a few days ago. How can I find it again?
Each logo has a unique ID number. Make a note of this when you find a logo you like. Next time you come back to the site, enter the ID number in the right-hand search field on the gallery page. Hopefully, your logo will appear straight away. If not, it may have been sold and removed from the gallery.
Can I change colours or font?
The basic price includes simple amendments such as changing colours or font. Any more advanced graphical changes can be made at a charge of EUR45/USD 55 per hour. Obviously, you will be informed in advance if any amendments will incur a charge so that you can make a decision on this.
How will my company name be added? And what happens if my company name is much longer or shorter than the one in the example?
Once we’ve received your order, the text you want will be added and typeset by our designers so that it fits in with the logo you have chosen.
Our designers will adapt your company name to get the best fit below or alongside the graphical symbol in the same way as on the logo you have chosen. If you have any other special requirements, provide the details as clearly as possible on the order form. Also, let us know whether or not you want a tagline under your logo.
How long will it take to get my logo?
Your logo will be sent to the e-mail address you have supplied within 2 to 48 hours of placing your order. The delivery time for your new logo depends on factors such as payment authorisation, our designers’ current workloads and which time zone you are in. Your logo will be supplied in the most common formats, which means that you can print it out yourself, give it to your print house or use it on your website.
The 2 to 48 hours will be calculated from the next working day if you place an order at the weekend. If you place an order on a Friday evening, you will have your new logo between Monday and Wednesday of the following week.
Can I change my logo myself?
Yes, but you will need access to Adobe Illustrator (version 11.0 or above) or Adobe Photoshop, and you will need to know how to use this software.
Can I exchange a logo which I’ve already purchased?
Unfortunately, we can’t offer this service and still keep our prices low. We therefore recommend that you choose your logo carefully before ordering. It might be a good idea to get the advice of someone you trust if you are unsure which logo to choose.
How can I be sure that no-one else will have a
similar logo?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to guarantee that there will be no logo in the whole world which looks like the one you have chosen from LogoKing. But that’s still true if you commission a logo in the traditional way and have it tailor made to your requirements. But what you can be sure of is that here at LogoKing we will always do our best to produce unique logos which are unlike anyone else’s.
Can I get copyright or trademark protection
for my logo?

Yes – once you’ve received your logo from us, you can do that if you like. However, the copyright and trademark laws vary from country to country, and you will need to apply for any such protection in the territory where you will be using the logo. Find out how it works in your own country.
What can I use my logo for?
Your logo will be delivered to you in the most common digital formats, so that you can use it for all kinds of graphical materials to represent your company: business cards, letter paper, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, web sites, shop signs, car decals, etc.
Where is LogoKing based?
LogoKing is based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
What happens if more than 48 hours have gone by since I placed my order and my logo files still haven’t been e-mailed to me?
In the unlikely event that for some reason the logo files you have ordered haven’t been received after 48 hours, e-mail us (if possible, please also provide us with an additional e-mail address) or telephone us so that we can find an alternative method to send your files to you. Bear in mind that you need to have at least 2 Mb of space free in your inbox in order to receive your files.
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